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Bedwetters: You are not alone, you should not be ashamed!

Millions of children and adults wet the bed. Here at we show you that you aren't alone by sharing the stories of others like you who wet.

Our collections feature letters from parents of young children; true stories from teens; and articles from adults who have memories of wetting or still wet today!


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True Bedwetting Stories Vol 2 Issue 2

     Seventeen new true accounts of bedwetting histories. Features a Mom of a bedwetter sharing her own wet past. Also, a boy's bedwetting is cured by a cold shower at a scout camp. Plus, training a Dad not to try and rush a bedwetter out of night pants.

True Bedwetting Stories Vol 2 Issue 1

     Eleven true stories about bedwetters. This issue focuses on just a few of the many treatments of bedwetting. From diapers and punishments to alarms and medications. Both positive and negative effects are shared to show how to nuture bedwetters; and the lifelong suffering of those who weren't treated with respect and love.

True Bedwetting Stories - The Complete Volume 1
     The complete collection of stories and newsletters from our old site. More than 100 true accounts of wet beds and how they were manged from both wetters and their loved ones.

Moms, Bedwetting and Diapers
     Ten true tales about Mom's who use diapers to manage bedwetting children. Positive accounts of using absorbent protection to deal with wetting issues.

No More bedwetting
     The best treatment for bedwetting is time and understanding. Nearly all kids will outgrow bedwetting before they become adults. But for those seeking tips on getting there sooner. Includes information on medications, exercises and alarms as well as practical advice and links to online support groups.

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     Have a true bedwetting story of your own? We are currently accepting new TRUE histories from wetters and their loved ones. Send your story to  and if we use it we will send you the entire issue it appears in FOR FREE!

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